Welcome to this module on COPD in Primary Care. The purpose of the module is to support General Practitioners in diagnosis and management of COPD in line with current guidelines for best practice. Access to the module is restricted to qualified General Practitioners and the website requires registration and an enrolment key which is provided by the ICGP. 

Module Overview

External CPD Credits: 3
GMS Study Leave: 1/2 day
No. of Lessons: 4 
MCQ Assessment
Certificate of Completion


This eLearning module is divided into 4 lessons. Each lesson comprises a video presentation conveying the core material. Most presentations are under 10 minutes long to facilitate your learning. Supplementary lessons, where non-core material is presented, and relevant printable and downloadable material are also included. Development of this module was funded by an unrestricted educational grant from Novartis.


        The four lessons include:
        • Lesson 1: Diagnosis of COPD 
          This lesson highlights some epidemiological data on the prevalence of COPD. It emphasises the need for early diagnosis and outlines the recommended approach to diagnosis. 
        • Lesson 2: Spirometry 
          This lesson presents a brief outline of the procedure and interpretation of Spirometry. 
        • Lesson 3: Assessment and Non-Pharmacological Management of Stable COPD 
          The aim of this lesson is firstly to highlight some important aspects of monitoring patients with COPD and secondly to explore non-therapeutic options for management of the condition. 
        • Lesson 4: Pharmacological Management of COPD 
          This lesson summarises the current GOLD guidelines on the use pharmacotherapy in the management of stable COPD. 

The Medical Council has defined eight domains of good professional practice. These domains describe a framework of competencies applicable to all doctors across the continuum of professional development from formal medical education and training through to maintenance of professional competence. Since they describe the outcomes which doctors should strive to achieve, doctors should refer to these domains throughout the process of maintaining competence. In order to assist you in planning your professional competence, ICGP eLearning highlight the domains addressed in each module as set out below. 
NOTE: While a number of ICGP modules have a tight focus on one or two domains, most modules endeavour to address all domains to some degree (low, medium, high). This is clearly displayed in the diagram below

The following resources are provided to support this eLearning course and to provide you with information for patients. Many are also available within the associated lesson.
Patient Resources
  • COPD leaflet [ download ]
  • Living with COPD, HSE [ download ]
  • Information for participants & facilitators as part of pulmonary rehabilitation programme [ download ]
Supplementary Resources
  • Summary of COPD Management - QIP OCGP [ download ]
  • Management of COPD in General Practice, QIP ICGP [ download ]
  • GOLD At a Glance Outpatient Management Reference for COPD, Revised 2011 [ download ]
  • GOLD Pocket Guide to COPD Diagnosis, Management and Prevention [ download ]
  • GOLD Global Strategy for the Diagnosis, Management and Prevention of COPD, Revised 2011 [ download ]
  • GOLD Spirometry for Healthcare Providers, 2010 [ download ]
  • GOLD Spirometry for Healthcare Providers, Quick Guide [ download ]
  • Irish Thoracic Society, Spirometry: Performance & Interpretation [ download ]
  • Chronic Conditions Hub - Chronic Airflow Obstruction Briefing [ download ]
  • An International Comparison of COPD Care in Europe 2012 [ download ]
The following links are provided to support this eLearning course and to provide you with information for patients. Many are also available within the associated lesson. (Please Note: These are third party links).

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