Breast Disease

Welcome to the ICGP Breast Disease Module. This eLearning module has been developed for the ICGP in collaboration with the National Cancer Control Programme and BreastCheck. The website is secure and requires registration and an enrolment key which can only be obtained by suitably qualified persons, through the Irish College of General Practitioners.

Module Overview

External CPD Credits: 4
GMS Study Leave: 2/3 day
No. of Lessons: 8 
MCQ Assessment
Certificate of Completion


Welcome to the ICGP Breast Disease module. The aim of this eLearning module is not only to provide a number of short lessons on issues related to breast disease that have been identified by the College as being of particular interest to general practice, but also to provide easy access to current guidelines, references etc on the core and related issues. 
The e-learning module is divided into 8 lessons. Each lesson is supported by a video lesson to provide rapid access to the information you need. Supplementary lessons where non-core information is presented and relevant printable and downloadable material are also included.
Completion of this module will entitle you to 4 External CPD credits

The production of this module has been developed in collaboration with:
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        The eight lessons include:
        • Lesson 1: Breast Pain
          This lesson provides an illustrated review of national guidelines on management of breast pain in clinical practice.
        • Lesson 2: Breast Lump
          This lesson provides an illustrated review of the national guidelines on management of breast lumps in clinical practice.
        • Lesson 3: Nipple Discharge
          This lesson provides an illustrated review of the national guidelines on management of nipple discharge in clinical practice.
        • Lesson 4: Triple Assessment
          This lesson provides a description of the 'patient journey', following referral to a Symptomatic Breast Clinic.
        • Lesson 5: Breast Examination
          This lesson is a short video tutorial on breast examination carried out by Professor Elizabeth Connolly from St James Hospital in Dublin.
        • Lesson 6: Treatment Options
          This lesson provides a review of the treatment options including surgery, oncology and radiotherapy Clinic.
        • Lesson 7: BreastCheck Screening
          This lesson provides a brief overview of the BreastCheck Screening Programme.
        • Lesson 8: MCQ and Record of Completion

The Medical Council has defined eight domains of good professional practice. These domains describe a framework of competencies applicable to all doctors across the continuum of professional development from formal medical education and training through to maintenance of professional competence. Since they describe the outcomes which doctors should strive to achieve, doctors should refer to these domains throughout the process of maintaining competence. In order to assist you in planning your professional competence, ICGP eLearning highlight the domains addressed in each module as set out below. 
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