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Welcome to this module on the role of the Injuries Board. The purpose of the module is to update & support General Practitioners who may need to engage with this statutory body, through the provision of medical reports. Access to the module is restricted to qualified General Practitioners and the website requires registration and an enrolment key, which is provided by the ICGP. If you are a member of the public seeking information on please use the following link:

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External CPD Credits: 3
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No. of Lessons: 4 
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Welcome to this module on the role of the Injuries Board. The purpose of the module is to update & support General Practitioners who may need to engage with this statutory body, through the provision of medical reports.
The Injuries Board is a statutory body set up in 2004, to assess claims for compensation without the need for significant costs and delays usually associated with personal injury claims. The mission statement of the Board is 'to facilitate the delivery of compensation in a fair, prompt and transparent manner for the benefit of society overall'. The injuries Board does not make compensation payments, but rather, provides an independent compensation assessment service, where legal issues are not in dispute.

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        This eLearning module is divided into 4 key lessons. Lessons 1-3 comprise a video presentation conveying the core material. Most presentations are under 10 minutes long to facilitate opportunistic  learning. Supplementary lessons, where non-core material is presented, and relevant printable and downloadable material are also included within most lessons. Lesson 4 is a series Q&A / pieces-to-camera, with addressing some common queries misunderstandings by GPs and other doctors.

        Completion of this module will entitle you to 3 External CPD credits

        The 4 lessons are as follows:

        Lesson 1: Introducing

        The Injuries Board is a statutory body, with which GPs may need to engage on behalf of their patients, through provision of medical reports. This lesson provides an overview of the function of the Injuries Board, in order to provide a context for the doctor's role within the overall process.

        Lesson 2: The Role of the Treating Doctor

        The treating doctor is generally the doctor first consulted about an injury. This lesson focuses on what is required of the treating doctor in terms of completing the Medical Assessment Form for submission by to on behalf of their patient (the claimant).

        Lesson 3: The Role of the Independent Panel Doctor

        During the assessment of a claim, the Injuries Board will generally refer a claimant for an independent medical examination by a panel doctor, who completes a Medical Assessment Form focussing particularly and where possible, on prognosis. This lesson, which is aimed at doctors on the independent medical panel, highlights the role & responsibilities of doctors on this panel.

        Lesson 4: Q&A 

        This lesson comprises a number of videos in which content experts address some common queries and misunderstandings around completion of medical reports for the Injuries Board.

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